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Hermes and Apollo (Greek myth)

The Warrior Well (Ancient China/Mongolian Folktale)

Ancient Chinese Dragons (Mythical Beings)

The Story of Mulan (Chinese Folktale)

Hero Twins (Maya)

The Invisible Warrior (Woodland Indians)

Ancient Greek Myths (many)

Myths about the Constellations

King Arthur (pppst)

Myths, Folktales, Fables and Fairytales

Folk Literature (fables, folktales, tall tales)

Primary Resources Myths

See Also: Fairytales, Aesop and His Fables,
Ancient History

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Create Your Own Myth

How to Write a Myth

Myths, Brainstorming Machine

Explore Myths from Around the World

Native American Stories & Myths

Greek God Myths

Norse Myths (Vikings)

British Myths and Legends

Maori Myths

Yoruba African Myths

Egyptian Myths

Chinese Myths

Babylonian Myths

Norse Myths

Maya Myths

Inca Myths

See Also: Folk Literature (fables, stories, legends, more)

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Greek Myths Lesson Plans

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